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A new training concept blends athlete-inspired programming with technology to deliver progressive group workouts with a one-on-one focus.

Body Fit Training (BFT) is Australia’s newest group training program, delivered within a growing network of BFT clubs. It incorporates scientifically proven training techniques into 10 core programs that are progressive and results driven.

BFT was founded by elite strength and conditioning coach Cameron Falloon, who spent many years training elite team sports. The foundation of the 10 programs stems from Falloon’s years of education and experience programming for these athletes. In BFT it has been transformed into a methodology for mainstream fitness.

Each of the programs is progressed over 4 to 6 weeks, allowing participants to truly learn the skills and progress their fitness and conditioning incrementally. All programs are scalable, so no matter what level of fitness a participant is, they are able to step straight in and get to work at the level that suits them. Each week’s programming is designed to give members a ‘complete’ fitness workout, by training every energy system, targeting each muscle fibre type and training every fascial plane. The programs are clear and do what they say, with simple names like Strength, Cardio HIIT, Power and Balanced.

Workouts last for 50 minutes and are delivered via cutting edge technology to screens around the studio, providing a visual reference point for participants. Freed up from repeatedly demonstrating exercises, instructors are able to focus on coaching and motivating participants while the screens direct the traffic. Providing feedback to members on posture and technique is vital, and this blend of technology and instructors enables participants to work out in a group environment, but feel as though they have a personal trainer.

Along with the progressive nature of the programs, the methodology is different to any mainstream group training in this space. 90% of group training programs use time only as a moderator for each program, which limits a participant’s ability to develop overall fitness. The Body Fit System utilises time (work and rest), sets, reps and tempo.

Body Fit Training’s periodised approach allows for hard days, really hard days and recovery days within each week. Each session is complementary, just as you would expect if you were an elite athlete.

BFT has already sold 20 territories across Australia since launch earlier this year. If you’re interested in experiencing BFT or owning a club, go to

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