What is... Dance for Dignity?

A new online dance initiative aims to get people moving while raising funds and awareness of domestic violence.

An initiative of Cre8dance founder, Katherine Flynn, Dance for Dignity encourages budding dancers and the general community to sign up to an eight-week online dance tutorial program, with a percentage of proceeds donated to National domestic and family violence support charity, Friends With Dignity, recognised this month at The Australian Charity Awards for the second year running.

‘Dance is a really positive way to spread the word and message around what Friends with Dignity does for the community’ says Friends with Dignity Chief Operations Officer, Zoe Scharenguivel; ‘We hope that our supporters will get involved and new people will learn about what we do. It’s a chance to get fit, have fun, and support Friends with Dignity.’

Starting this month, Dance for Dignity aims to build creativity, mindfulness and confidence through eight different levels of Lyrical Hip-Hop dance moves.

‘We are thrilled to be taking part in this event as we genuinely believe in the incredible work of Friends with Dignity’ says Flynn; ‘The issue of domestic and family violence is very close to our hearts, and we wanted to step up and help raise funds for this most worthwhile cause.’

‘The goal is for all participants to release their own dance video, and even partake in a flashmob, towards the end of October – once they have built confidence and had fun with the program.’

Friends with Dignity is a national not-for-profit organisation focused on providing a platform for anyone to volunteer, and in turn change the perception and statistics of domestic and family violence throughout Australia.

‘The practical support offered by the local community ensuring that families have no reason to return to a life of abuse and violence is equally overwhelming and humbling’ said Friends with Dignity Chief Financial Officer, Julia McKenna; ‘Our service is built from a mutual passion and determination to make a difference to families whom we will never meet. It’s about doing what we can within our capacity to support our neighbours and community.’

Click here to find out more about Dance for Dignity, kicking off on 8 September.