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A new ‘smart gym’ concept provides members with personalised workouts in group training classes.

Hailing from Sydney’s CBD via Bondi, Fitbeat is a club concept that fuses sports science with technology and fun. The club’s Science and Athletics Team designs and tests every exercise and every workout, while its sports scientists have worked closely with tech-heads to develop advanced responsive group training environments.

Over a period of two and a half years, a team of sports scientists, athletes, personal trainers, software developers and designers developed a personalised group training model unlike any existing offerings.

Members start by selecting their long-term fitness goal, choosing from either ‘Muscle & strength’, ‘Lean & fit’, or ‘Strong & fit’. Then Fitbeat’s smart systems kick in and personalise the entire journey, from workouts to nutrition information and statistics.

Every time someone trains, they receive a customised workout aligned with their long-term fitness goal. Workouts appear on smart TV screens as participants train through the circuit, supported by real personal trainers who deliver motivation and monitor technique.

In addition to the actual workouts, members receive meal suggestions that align with their long-term fitness goals, as well as workout analytics and progressive body measurements that are tracked with Tigernovo heart rate monitors and body composition scanners.

FitBeat’s claim to be ‘gym smart’ is based on both its tech features within the club as well as the accompanying app, all of which have been designed with ease of use front and foremost.

The gym experience itself is described as ‘immersive’: with pumping playlists and synchronised lighting, it’s aiming for a nightclub vibe. The workouts guide members through a 20-station circuit, personalised to the individual’s goals. ‘Burn’ workouts are fast-paced cardio-centric sessions, while ‘Build’ workouts have a heavy-lifting resistance focus.

Boasting 10,000 exercises and 2,000 workouts, the team at Fitbeat promise members will never get bored as they participate in vibrant 28 or 48-minute training sessions.



Check out the club in person at 118 Sussex Street in the Sydney CBD, or online at where you can also register your interest in working as a PT with Fitbeat.


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