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An app that live-streams training sessions gives PTs and clients the flexibility to train without being on the gym floor together.

Created by fitness professionals for fitness professionals, Flive (fitness live) is the world’s first live-streaming fitness app.

Free to download, and free for trainers to use, PTs live-stream sessions to a potentially unlimited number of viewers who have paid a small fee for the training session. If they are unable to live-stream, the viewer has 24 hours in which to watch the session before it expires.

Once you – the fitness professional – have created an account, you can schedule a workout at a time that suits you. Then, set a name for the session, a length of time (either 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes), a level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), a price ($0.99, $1.99 or $5.99USD) and a category (muscle building, womens fitness, indoor/outdoor workout or other).

The next step is to promote the session by uploading a 10-second preview video detailing what the session is going to include. Once created, users (i.e. your potential online clients) can watch this promo video and decide whether to purchase the session.

Once youve scheduled a session, its in your interest to promote it to all of your followers and clients on other social media platforms, because the higher the number of views the session receives, the more you get paid.

Thirty minutes prior to the scheduled session going live, you receive a notification reminding you that its almost time for lights, camera, action! This reminder is sent again fifteenminutes, nine minutes and three minutes before the session time.

Once the countdown reaches zero, you press the GO LIVE button, point your phone camera at yourself and deliver the session. The session is streamed, and recorded, live through the app, and users can participate.

Once the session has been completed, the video stays active on the platform for 24 hours before it expires and is no longer viewable. After this, you receive a notification stating the amount earned for the session, and will be paid out, up to 50% of the total revenue.

In a similar way to other social media platforms, you can build a following and be notified if someone likesorfollows you, or one of your sessions.

With no limit on the number of sessions you can schedule and deliver, and a theoretically limitless audience of fitness consumers, the Flive app appears to offer a potentialsupplementary income stream for fitness professionals.

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