What is…? Subaclass

Even the most conscientious fitness instructors get sick and have to deal with emergencies. A new app replaces last minute phone calls and social media callouts for class covers with a simple tap of the screen.

When you’re a club owner or group fitness manager, it can be frustrating and stressful trying to find a fill-in when your usual fitness instructor is unexpectedly bed-ridden after a dodgy lamb vindaloo, or needs time off for a family emergency. Unfortunately, no matter how dedicated and reliable your trainers are, there are times when life simply gets in the way. Even freelance instructors will know how difficult it can be when you’re under the weather, to enthusiastically lace up your sneakers, invoke the spirit of an Energiser bunny and plaster on a smile – let alone lead a class of 30 or more through a robust workout.

Finding a suitable substitute instructor when your usual staff are unavailable has always been tricky. More so before the intervention of the internet, but even with a variety of social media channels and online fitness groups, reaching out to your network of fitness professionals can be time-consuming and not always successful.

Years of witnessing the inability of instructors to find suitable cover on demand led long time fitness entrepreneur Deborah Goldberg to create a solution in the form of Subaclass, an app that can be customised for gym owners, fitness studio managers and even freelance PTs. Instead of cancelling a class, disappointing clients and losing out on revenue, fitness professionals can log any class that requires a fill-in instructor.

After installing the free app and signing up (there’s also simple one-click accessibility though Facebook if you prefer), users submit details of the class that needs covering – location, type of class, rate – and click the Find Me a Sub button. The app then sends push notifications across the network within 50 kilometres of the class location. Fitness professional users of the app within that radius will then be alerted to a request for cover, such as BODYATTACK or yoga class or bootcamp, and within seconds, they can be connected with group fitness managers.

No more phone calls, unanswered text messages or worrying about substandard cover. The app is also a useful new tool for instructors looking to pick up a few extra classes when time allows and develop relationships with individuals in the same industry. Subaclass isn’t restricted to use throughout Australia: whether you’re visiting family in New Zealand or on a working holiday in Thailand, Subaclass can be used wherever you are (just ensure you hold the correct visas to work abroad). The app promises to be a real game-changer for large gym chains and fitness franchises with more than 10 employees, and has the ability to become the in-house app – highlighting your brand. Upgrades will see the simplification of invoicing for those who sub classes, as well as options to include web access for management level users with customisable reporting functionality.


Subaclass is available for free for Apple from the App Store and Android from Google Play.