What is...? TRIBE

A new small group training program offers a ready-made option to facilities looking to tap into this hot industry trend.

Small Group Training (SGT) has been one of the biggest fitness developments of recent years. SGT consists of groups of up to around 10 participants working together in pre-formatted sessions to achieve similar goals. CrossFit and outdoor boot camp-style programs work on this principle, and now more clubs and PT studios are looking to tap into this industry development in order to increase their appeal to both new and existing clients and members.

For those looking to add SGT to their offerings without creating their own program from scratch, TRIBE Team Training provides a ready-made option. A global leader in the development of pre-formatted small group training programs for fitness facilities, TRIBE provides a choice of six different programs to help attract and retain members of different demographics and training objectives.

The first of these programs, TribeFIT3, delivers full body high intensity training, enabling clubs to compete, safely, with HIIT programs like CrossFit. TribeFIT2 is a twice-weekly variation on this program. Next up, TribeLIFE offers low impact functional exercise, while TribeCORE focuses on core strength, stability and mobility. TribePUNCH offers a boxing/kickboxing program without the member-on-member risks, and TribeKIDS provides an athletic program for young people.

The TRIBE promise to participants is that they’ll never do the same workout twice. Every session in each of the programs builds upon the previous session to add variety and progression – as well as accountability and camaraderie. Participants pay for, and sign up to, a ‘Team’ for a ‘Season’ of their choice of program. Each Season involves two to three sessions per week for six weeks, followed by a Trial Week that gives the club the opportunity to build its TRIBE Teams and attract new members.

Facilities launching TRIBE receive a marketing plan that includes all the equipment and fixtures needed, music playlists, marketing materials, and advice on rolling out the programs. Training staff to deliver TRIBE is taken care of via the TRIBE Team Training Coach Training Module, which is delivered onsite to the club’s qualified PTs or group exercise instructors by a TRIBE Master Trainer. Written and video session plans for each program are provided prior to each season launch.

The scheduling of TRIBE sessions depends upon existing class timetables, space availability (minimum 60m2), and demographic. Some facilities use the group exercise room while others create space in other shared functional areas. Weekly sessions for each program are scheduled between two and four days apart, allowing enough time for any DOMS to reduce, but not often to negatively impact consistency, routine or contact between participants. 

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