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A new platform purpose built for live, online personal training offers changeable views and the tools required to build an online fitness business – including clients.

Time-poor and tech-savvy individuals are turning to smart watches, on-demand videos and fitness apps to help them get moving, but a recent study from the University of Queensland found that a lack of accountability means that old habits typically return within two weeks.

Unfortunately for fitness professionals and business owners, time-poor also means that as more people look to their devices for an answer, the competition for acquiring and retaining clients now includes apps, influencers, Instagram and Netflix. Distraction equals competition, so fitness professionals are fighting harder than ever to grow and sustain a client base.

Welcome Fit acts as a solution for trainers and participants, by connecting time-poor or remote people with real fitness professionals for live, on-demand 1-on-1 or group workouts, and giving trainers everything they need to quickly set up an online fitness business.

Today, online trainers use Zoom, Skype or Facebook to run live workouts, however these platforms are built for conversations, not for movement. Welcome Fit’s patented technology enables trainers to provide consistently high-quality workouts from anywhere, because they can demonstrate with pre-recorded exercise clips instead of having to do everything in front of a camera – enabling the trainer and clients to see and hear each other throughout.

Trainers can also switch views so that the client can see themselves full screen, just like exercising in front of a mirror at a gym, which is proven to activate more areas of the brain and create more effective movement and muscle recruitment. Other options include side-by-side and trainer view, which can be toggled and changed as required during a workout.

Melbourne United’s High-Performance Director, Eric Hollingsworth, stated that ‘Welcome Fit is the next best thing to a face-to-face workout’.

The other hassles of trying to set-up an online training business, like having to connect a payments platform, build landing pages and connect an email responder are all taken care of, plus trainers using Welcome Fit can set their own pricing, receive payments directly and share their profile page, which includes their availability so clients and prospects can confirm a session with one click from anywhere in the world.

By building a profile and listing availability, Welcome Fit’s upcoming marketplace can promote trainers to prospective clients searching for a trainer with the relevant experience, who is available at the time requested.

Fitness business owners can use the platform to train their own clients or add staff. It’s even possible to add your own logo, so there’s no need to build a new website or app.




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