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What keeps people coming back to the same group fitness classes? Is it the instructor’s style that participants can’t get enough of? Or maybe it’s the connection that the participants form with each other. What about the comfort that participants sense within the group exercise space?

These are questions currently under investigation by Master of Applied Psychology student Emma Slade, at the University of Queensland.

Extending from Organisational and Social Psychology, the research is looking to explore how social processes may influence attendance to group exercise. It is hoped that the findings will bring attention to the role and application of social processes within Exercise Psychology, and potentially propel future research into how instructors can execute specific qualities to better the group exercise experience.

The research is currently seeking participants. All that is required is you need to currently attend at least one group exercise class per week with the same instructor. Participation involves completing two brief and anonymous surveys online, 4 weeks apart, about your group exercise involvement. The research is completely voluntary and confidential. Upon completing both surveys, you can then enter a prize draw for the chance to win a sports store gift voucher.

If you are a club manager or GFM, you are also invited to contact Emma on regarding promoting the research to your members. In return, Emma can provide feedback regarding the space you use for your group classes, which may help you improve the experience you deliver to members.

Find out more and take part in the research here.

Source: the University of Queensland

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