Why Level 2 has Australian trainers flocking to Animal Flow

On 15 November, just nine months after the first ever Animal Flow workshop in Australia, program creator Mike Fitch returned to Sydney to launch the sold out Level 2 workshop.

‘The Australian fitness industry has just been so receptive to Animal Flow since our launch here in February that I couldn't wait to come back to Sydney for the first Level 2 workshop’ says Fitch; ‘We've had such great feedback from the trainers here about how beneficial the program has been for their clients, as well as personally, in their own training. Level 2 gives them the opportunity to add new layers of complexity to their practice and continue to progress through their bodyweight journey.’

Sydney-based trainer Guillaume ‘Gee’ Tual 'fell in love' with the concept of Animal Flow early in 2015 and has seen his clients' movement quality improve drastically as a result.

‘I started to incorporate different moves in various protocols with my clients and saw how much stronger they got in a few months. It was a no-brainer for me to attend the Level 2 workshop; it's definitely more intense than it looks on paper! After revising some moves from Level 1, Mike taught us how we could manipulate tempo and direction changes, and add new transitions to link everything together for funkier combinations. Hand balancing was one of the toughest parts to work on but it adds so much to the program and I'm already seeing the difference in my own training. We all had a lot of fun and got the opportunity to meet new instructors and grow our Flow community. This is the next step up.’

2016 workshop dates are about to be released so head to animalflow.com.au for more info or to be kept in the loop about upcoming courses.