why your fitness business needs a slogan
…and how to write one

A slogan can grab attention, boost your brand and persuade people to find out more about you. Lucinda Lions reveals the simple tips needed to write an effective tagline for your fitness business.

A business slogan (also known as a tagline) is a short, catchy and creative phrase, usually located within your logo. It’s one of the most powerful sales tools at your disposal, and if you write one yourself, it’s absolutely free!

Streak ahead of your competitors

Many of your competitors won’t have a business slogan, and those who do will probably have a plain, descriptive one that reads ‘Personal fitness’, ‘Fitness training’ or ‘Outdoor group fitness training’ and so on. But, some of your competitors will have a persuasive, sizzling slogan. And after reading this article, so could you.

The truth is, if you have a business, you need a business slogan. A good slogan can:

  • Grab the attention of busy and distracted customers who are suffering from information overload

    Many of your potential customers consume over 170 newspapers worth of information a day. They’re overwhelmed and preoccupied. A slogan cuts through the clutter and increases your chances of being noticed.
  • Feed your consumer’s need for bite-sized information so that you can be remembered

    In this age of tweets, texts, facebook posts and spicy snippets, customers want everything now and in powerful micro doses. If you don’t have a clear and distilled business message that can be easily remembered, you’re potentially missing out on sales.
  • Make you stand out from the crowd

    Every business has a name, but not every business has a sizzling slogan. Having a polished, professional slogan is like attaching a rocket engine to your business name: it differentiates you from the pack and launches your business to new heights.
  • Persuade potential customers to do business with you

    A business slogan that contains persuasive elements will pique your potential customers' interests and persuade them to find out more about your offerings. A lone business name can rarely generate the same amount of interest.
  • Generate trust by building, reinforcing and polishing your brand

    Potential customers perceive polished-looking brands to be trustworthy and reliable because they project a professional image to the world. Generating trust is important for new and established businesses alike.
  • Increase advertising and promotional opportunities

    Wherever your logo goes, so too does your slogan, whether this is on stationery, car signage, stickers, buildings, banners or street signage – not to mention clothes! If you wear a uniform to work, your slogan can sell your services everywhere you walk, run or ride.

A slogan can sell your services everywhere

While slogans are used extensively with logos, they can also be used in many other places to help boost your brand and bottom line.

  • Turn more clicks into clients on your website and/or blog

    You only have around five to 10 seconds to grab people’s attention before they click away from your site, so increase your chances of hooking website visitors with a slogan that transmits the message, ‘stay, read, buy’.
  • Persuade people at networking events, barbecues and in elevators!

    Your slogan is the foundation of all your business messages, keeping every other longer business message on track. So, if you need to tell people what you do in a quick and persuasive way, your sizzling slogan is ready when you are.
  • Boost sales of specific products and services within your brand

    While your overall brand should have a slogan, individual products and services within your brand can also have their own ones, helping to turbo-boost your leads and sales.
  • Give people a reason to get in touch by including your slogan in your email signature

    If you regularly email clients and prospects, then putting your slogan in your email signature doesn’t just give people your contact details, it gives people a reason to make contact.
  • Transform online business profiles and forum signatures into persuasive mini ads

    A sizzling slogan can turn your basic internet details into customer-converting information that says ‘buy me’.
  • Establish a philosophy or mindset within a business

    An internal business slogan doesn’t have to accompany a logo or even be linked to a specific product or service. Rather, it can represent a philosophy that helps to guide the choices, decisions and actions of all staff members. It gives the business a compass, and can therefore provide a new, upward direction. Google’s company slogan is ‘Don’t be evil’.

7 hot tips to write a sizzling business slogan

The following advice features examples of real slogans that I’ve created for clients.

Tip 1: Make it descriptive

People can’t do business with you if they don’t know what you sell, so if your business name doesn’t describe what you sell, then your slogan should contain some form of description.

Client example
Business name: Clever Clicks
Slogan: Online marketing education that just clicks. Guaranteed.

Tip 2: Make it persuasive

While it’s important to describe what you sell, description is not enough. If you want a slogan that sells, try to include a benefit and/or a point of difference.

Client example
Business name: Fast Twitch Performance Coaching

Slogan: Customised coaching. Unlimited support.
Exceptional results.

Tip 3: Make it memorable

Generally speaking, it’s the creativeness of a slogan that makes it memorable. To make your slogan creative you can include the following literary devices: rhyme, alliteration, sentence structure, puns and so on.

Client example
Organisation name: Economic Security for Women
Slogan: Equal pay is just common cents

A word of warning: creative slogans can be hard to write and hard to get right. Only be creative if your creativity doesn’t obscure or damage your important business message and brand. Businesses can (and do!) get it wrong, and at great cost to their image. So, make sure your slogan is memorable for all the right reasons.

Tip 4: Make it brand recognisable

Brand recognition occurs when your slogan includes words or ideas that link back to your business name or your brand, so that customers link your slogan with your business. If you’ve ever remembered a slogan but not the business it belonged to, you’ll know exactly why brand recognition is so important.

Client example
Business name: Noble Photography (weddings)
Slogan: Love is forever. Capturing it is Noble.

Tip 5: Make it short and sweet

Try to keep your slogan to 10 words or less so that it’s punchy and memorable. This is easier said than done, especially when you’re trying to choose the best few words out of many thousands.

Client example
Business name: Slogan Creator
Slogan: Slogans that sell

Tip 6: Make it positive

It’s good to keep your slogan as upbeat and uplifting as possible. Your slogan’s purpose is to excite people about your business and brand, not to disappoint or anger them.

Client example
Business name: Kathleen Connell Singing Studio
Slogan: Give your goals a voice

Tip 7: Breathe!

Although it’s ideal to include all the above ingredients in your slogan, sometimes it just won’t be possible. A seasoned slogan writer can capture the essence of a business in just a few words, either by including all the above ingredients or knowing when to leave some out. If you’re writing your own slogan, just breathe and do your best.

A business slogan can increase your chances of grabbing attention, boosting your brand and persuading people to find out more about your business. So now is the perfect time to start writing or revamping yours!

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Lucinda Lions
Lucinda writes catchy and creative business slogans that attract customers and help to boost leads and sales. She is the owner and chief sloganeer at Slogan Creator. For more slogan writing resources (and to read about Sammy the Slogan Sniffer Dog!) visit www.slogancreator.com.au and Facebook/SloganCreator.