// You are what you eat - but careful who says so

by Dr Bill Sukala

I eat, therefore I am… a nutritionist. If it were really that simple, we’d all be experts by now. It seems like every time we turn on the television or open a magazine, there’s some self-proclaimed health guru telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat; try this diet, take that supplement. But how can we know who to listen to? 

The sheer volume of available information is overwhelming, and it’s no easy task sifting through the claims and determining which have merit and which are nothing more than hollow marketing promises. As health and fitness professionals, our clients look up to us as the real experts, so we need to base our recommendations on something more than conjecture and opinion. The following checklist (Table A) is a valuable tool for fitness professionals when evaluating the science behind nutritional research claims. Keep a copy of this list to hand and refer to it when considering new research findings.

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Bill Sukala, PhD is a Sydney-based clinical exercise physiologist specialising in clients with cardiac and metabolic concerns. He holds a PhD in Exercise and Science with a research focus in diabetes and obesity, a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology with specialisation in cardiology, and a Bachelors degree in Nutrition. An international speaker who has delivered keynotes, seminars, and workshops across five continents, Bill is frequently quoted on health topics by major media outlets around the world. drbillsukala.com.au

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