The Fitness Industry Podcast

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Touching on everything from client coaching and hypertrophy, to nutrient timing, leadership and business growth, The Fitness Industry Podcast features insightful conversations with global leaders in the fitness industry.

Content is king, queen and ruler of everything, with Lynsey Fraser

Fitness social media marketer Lynsey Fraser talks the best social platforms for fitness, and how to cut through the noise to reach your customers online.


Resilience, rubber backsides and the importance of disconnecting from tech, with Andrew May

Performance and productivity coach Andrew May talks resilience, daily pause points, scar tissue and the importance of disconnecting from tech to reconnect with yourself.


Does caffeine help or hinder exercise? with Cam McDonald

Nutritionist and Accredited Practicing Dietitian Cam McDonald talks caffeine, genetics and performance.


Don’t tell me what to do… empower me to choose! with Kylie Ryan

Mindset coach and weight loss hypnotherapist Kylie Ryan talks NLP and behaviour shift, extrinsic motivators, and how to coach clients to self-empowerment.


When we eat, what we eat and why we eat it, with Adam Feit

Assistant director of performance nutrition at Precision Nutrition, Adam Feit, talks nutrient timing, protein consumption windows, eating real food and coaching tactics for client adherence.


Building a perfectly symmetrical body, with Mike Fitch

Creator of the Animal Flow and Bodyweight Athlete training programs, Mike Fitch, discusses the 9 pinnacles for building a perfectly symmetrical body, and the importance of self-care and repair.


Helping women understand and love their bodies, with Nardia Norman

Women’s training specialist and former Personal Trainer of the Year, Nardia Norman, discusses helping women to understand and love their bodies.