This blog post was written by George Porter, a freelance writer based in Sydney. He can be contacted at george.tim.porter@gmail.com.
In 2019 it is common to encounter people that are using some sort of online training tool to help them either lose fat or gain fitness. Personal trainers cannot ignore this trend, and it’s prudent to explore including at least some online element to your service.

When it comes to training your clients online and following up with clients during personal training sessions, having the right resources available to you can make a world of difference.

The right personal training software can help you to connect with your clients and offer them a more personalised level of training and service than would otherwise be possible.

Whether you are looking to develop your skill set as a strength and conditioning trainergroup trainer, or women’s health specialist, finding the right digital solution can make you a more effective leader.

Here are 4 benefits of training clients online:

1. Motivation when your client needs it most

Online training has long been used in a corporate environment to create effective leaders and managers. Personal trainers are increasingly realising the value of online training when applied to client fitness goals.

When clients feel more connected to their personal trainer through software it can allow them to feel more motivated and more connected to their training session.

Online training provides the benefits of in-person sessions while allowing your client to work around their schedule.

With bespoke training plans it doesn’t matter where they live or where you’re based, you’re always able to provide the extra motivation when they need it most.

2. Personalised advice

In order for personal training to be effective, a client will generally need to perform some type of other exercise during the ‘off’ days that they aren’t training in person with you.

Making sure that you can provide them with updated exercise advice when they need it most can be important.

With constant two-way communication there is less chance your client will drop off their intensity, knowing you’re right there to check up on them.

3. Scheduling

Personal training software can also help with the process of scheduling and making sure that clients attend their appointments with you.

Working with a client and scheduling around all of your other clients can be difficult, but is extremely important.

With scheduling items built right into your software, you can stay on track with all of your clients without anyone slipping under the radar.

Having access to advanced scheduling will also make you more efficient as a trainer. With less time spent manually organising clients, you will have more time to work on your professional development and help your clients achieve their fitness goals.

4. Dietary support

Scope of Practice limits the specific nutritional advice that PTs can provide to clients, but trainers will often offer general information and tips that can help clients achieve their goals with proper diet and exercise, particularly if they’ve completed an online nutritional course.

Online support for clients can enable you to easily share interesting nutrition and exercise information and allows clients to reach out in real-time with nutrition questions.

No more ‘I didn’t know I wasn’t meant to be eating that’ and much more ‘I’m so glad you were available to help me make the healthy choice!’

If you’re not currently using personal training software it’s worth checking out some of the options available to you to supplement the face-to-face service that you provide.

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