This post was written using materials from Urban Strength and Australian Fitness Network.

New global survey results have once again named Bodyweight Training in the top five fitness trends for 2019. The survey, conducted by ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal (FIT), is in its 13th consecutive year and surveyed over 2000 health and fitness professionals from around the world.

The top five predicted trends are wearable technology; group training; HIIT; older adults fitness; and bodyweight training, in that order.

Of these, bodyweight training remains the most consistently highly ranked trend, having held a top five position since 2013.

Bodyweight training requires minimal equipment, utilising your own weight as resistance through functional exercises and neuromotor movements.

Personal trainer, Jason Debel, who also co-founded online bodyweight training equipment retailer, Urban Strength, says the results are not surprising given the accessible and affordable nature of bodyweight training.

Debel says, ‘From what I’ve observed in the last couple years, bodyweight training has only gone from strength to strength. The kind of challenges involved in mastering bodyweight movements, speaks to a part of our physiological and psychological makeup as humans that’s made for functional movement and mental challenges.’

Bodyweight training has evolved over the years, taking it from a street workout to a high end calisthenics gym. It’s also become popularised in the media thanks to the popular television series, Ninja Warrior, where contestants require bodyweight strength.

Celebrities like Charlie Hunnam, Matthew McConaughey and Liam Hemsworth favour bodyweight training to maintain their physique and strength.

Recognising the continued popularity of bodyweight training, Australian Fitness Network recently launched a new bodyweight-focused course ‘The view from upside-down: A step by step guide to mastering the handstand’. With handstands fast becoming one of the most popular bodyweight exercises around, Network teamed up with gymnastics coach and Ninja Warrior contestant Farkas Pungur to create this course for fitness professionals who want to learn, design and include handstands in their client’s training program, or just teach themselves this impressive move.

Source: Urban Strength & Australian Fitness Network

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