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This video explores:

  • Awareness of the more holistic approaches to address with working with female clients
  • How achieving fat loss is beyond calories in vs calories out in order to keep our clients healthy
  • Factors affecting fat loss for females
  • Hormones and the role they play in someone’s ability or inability to achieve fat loss
  • How to train with a woman’s cycle and using this to achieve her strength and fat loss goals
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Delivery mode 2 Online video presentations
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Approx. duration 3 hours
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Upon completion, course participants will:

  • Understand how a woman’s body functions
  • Know ways you can influence fat loss through changing behaviours
  • Be able to create a strength training program that will maximise fat loss
  • Have a better understanding of hormones that play a role in fat loss
  • Know when to refer a client to a medical professional
  • Understand the psychological and physiological consequences of low calorie/restricted diets
  • Know the lifestyle modifications that will improve overall health and wellbeing
  • Be able to qualify your female client for strength training
  • Know how to conduct the 9 point flexibility test

Presenter- Nardia Norman
Recipient of Australian Fitness Network’s Personal Trainer of the Year award 2014, Nardia is a fitness industry expert with over 15 years’ experience in personal training, coaching and educating fitness leaders. An integrative training expert, she is renowned for her effective coaching methods and ability to guide clients and students to fulfil their true potential.

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