Well, that was 2020, and for most of us it’s not a year we were too sad to bid farewell.

If something good can be said about it, though, it’s that many of us have been forced to tap into our creativity, flexibility and willingness to try new things.

Apparently, the forced move to virtual service delivery and assorted social distancing behaviour changes have forced many businesses to fast-track developments in their businesses that they’d otherwise have taken another five years to implement.

Of course, this is a silver lining around what was a dark cloud for many, and unfortunately some of our friends and colleagues that started the year in the fitness industry will not have finished the year in the same way, often due to reasons that were beyond their control. Hopefully, as clubs and studios re-open and restrictions ease to allow greater numbers, many of these trainers and instructors will return to the industry, bringing their wealth of skills and experience with them.

Those that have survived have learnt lessons about their own resilience that should bolster their confidence to weather future storms. If you can get through 2020, you can get through anything, right? On this note, Andrew May shares some tips on small business resilience in this article.

Elsewhere, the Summer 2020 issue of Network magazine features articles on why you cannot rely on organic social reach to generate membership leads, the magic ingredient for effective virtual classes, and managing the effects of stress on the core. Plus, Dr Mike Climstein takes a timely look at research into staying UV-safe during outdoor physical activity, especially when spending time in the pool or the increasingly popular pursuit of ocean swimming.

The new year has got off to a shaky start, with NSW and VIC recording spikes in COVID cases over the holiday period, but with vaccine rollouts on the horizon we can be optimistic of more positive months ahead and, hopefully, a return to something like the lives and careers we were leading pre-2020.


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