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Title: Plant-Based Sports Nutrition
Author: Enette Larson-Meyer & Matt Ruscigno
Publisher: Human Kinetics, ISBN: 9781492568643
Details: Paperback, 344pp
RRP: AUD $42.50 OR $29.47 when you use the code AFN2020 at the checkout to SAVE an additional 10% off of already discounted rates HERE.

Reviewed by Tony Boutagy, PhD, AEP, AES




Plant-based diets have always been popular in the health and fitness industry, as this is a field that is, in the opinion of many, ‘fanatical’ about wellbeing. Name after name can be mentioned of notable Olympic and World Champions who were or are at the top of their game while consuming a plant-based diet. Moreover, there is a considerable body of scientific literature that also demonstrates the health and performance benefits of adopting a plant-rich, animal-free diet.

Whether one is a vegan, omnivore or carnivore, having a deeper understanding of the various approaches to nutrition that are available to the public is helpful to courteous and informed dialogue between people of differing beliefs in the nutrition world. And there is no better book currently available that provides the reader with such an in-depth knowledge of vegan and vegetarian diets for exercise and sports than PlantBased Sports Nutrition.

The book is divided into 15 chapters, starting with the benefits of a plant-based diet and finishing with recipes to put the new found information into practice in the kitchen and on the plate (I shall be trying the minestrone and lasagne recipes first!). The book, as one would expect from Professor Larson-Meyer, is massively referenced – with 20 pages of references, enough to keep the most inquisitive mind on PubMed for a very long time!

Key topics found in the book include the science of plant-based nutrition for health and physical performance, how to ensure that the calories we get from the diet are from healthy and diverse sources of carbohydrates and fat, that the foods consumed cover all the micronutrients and how to optimise muscle, bone and iron absorption in a plant-based diet. There are also chapters on what to eat and drink before, during and after exercise, how to eat when managing body weight and how to customise meal plans to suit your goal.

This is the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject of plant-based sports nutrition. Vegan and vegetarian athletes and coaches of these athletes will find the information and recipes invaluable. The omnivore will find a detailed, scientifically grounded text to better inform about plant-based diets and sports performance (in this instance, it’s always wise to be a well-informed sceptic!).

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