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The past months have been tough on all industries, but particularly customer-facing ones such as fitnesswhere face-to-face interactions are often necessary to understand the complex needs of clients.

With the easing of restrictions, many trainers and gyms are reopening and re-engaging with their client base. To assist the industry, SMS platform MessageMedia is offering fitness business owners a new free SMS support package that includes free use of their SMS services, as well as assistance with getting up and running and access to high-performing messaging templates.

This package can be used for things like, workout plans, training reminders, promotion of upcoming classes, or re-opening updates. With 90% of text messages being read within 90 seconds of being delivered, SMS is good for client engagement – and using a platform such as this can be far more efficient than sending out individual text messages.

Adam Mayne from Mayne Fitness says: “I’ve been using SMS to help my clients for as long as I’ve been in business. It’s now even more vital as I’ve been working remotely and conducting virtual training. As we go back to in-person training, I’ll be using SMS to invite them back to the gym, and check on their health.”

Fitness Business Reopening SMS Template

The MessageMedia team have compiled a list of the types of messages being sent by fitness professionals and businesses recently.

  • Appointment reminders and class confirmations 

“Hi Mel, confirming your 2:1 class at 8 am on Saturday “

  • Payment reminders 

“Tara, you’re at 11/12 classes. Let me know if you want to buy a new session block.”

  • Health check-in 

“Jay, before you come in for your class, we need to check your health. If you have any flu-like or COVID symptoms, you cannot come to the class. Please send a confirmation text that you are symptom-free.”

  • Personal training plans 

“Hi Ashley, here’s your personal training plan while you’re away from the gym.”

  • Post-session check-in 

“Hi Tony, how did you pull up yesterday? Don’t forget to use the stretch guide:”

MessageMedia has also created a COVID-19 customer resources hub and templates.

Tips for making the most of your free SMS package

Here are some other helpful tips for getting the most out of the SMS package for your fitness business: 

  • Publish videos, images or gifs of basic sequences and key movements on your website so that you can point to them using short trackable links in your text messages  
  • Reduce your workload with SMS calendar integrations to help set appointments for virtual or non-virtual training sessions with clients
  • Continue to follow COVID regulations and best practices from recognised public health authorities  
  • To prepare for future crises, read this checklist on what you need to prepare before sending SMS comms

To get the free SMS pack for your fitness business, contact MessageMedia HERE.

  * Terms and Conditions:  

  • Available for designated gyms and trainer businesses in Australia, one package per gym, studio or business. 
  • Offer available until 30 June 2020.   
  • Usage is intended to be during the government enforced shutdown/restriction period for designated gyms, studios and businesses. We will allow usage for the next three months and reserve the right to review at any point. Fair use of up to 200 messages per day.   
  • You can cancel at any time – there’s no lock-in contract.  
  • We reserve the right to change, cancel or modify this offer at any time. We will inform you before making any such change to ensure you don’t incur unexpected costs.   

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