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Specialising in training women of all ages and fitness levels, Corinne Blight has learnt that the fun factor is key to adherence, results and client retention.



What’s your business called? 

Limitless Fitness & Nutrition. You can check us out at and Instagram @limitless_fitnessandnutrition and Facebook Limitless Fitness & Nutrition 



How long have you been a PT? 

Just over 7 years. I’ve also been a Group Fitness Instructor, as well as a Nutrition and Health Coach, for nearly 3 years. 

In addition to personal training, Corinne revels in teaching group fitness classes


What made you decide to become a trainer? 

Because I love fitness, I love people and I love being on stage (as an instructor!). I started in the fitness industry because I just loved being at the gym and training myself. My real ‘why’ emerged when I realised I could use my passion for fitness to help others find a love for it and lead happier, healthier and limitless lives! 


Do you specialise? 

My specialty is training women of all ages, fitness levels and stages of their fitness journey in a genuinely fun way. From my experience, for a fitness program to stick (and for you to actually want to do it) It has to be fun! 

Corinne’s specialty is training women of all ages and fitness levels – while putting a smile on their faces!


Do you have a signature style of training? 

Oh yes I do! My high-energy, high-vibe group fitness classes are my signature. The classes range from HIIT-style training to 80’s style Retro-robics and Pilates. The one thing they all have in common is that I make them fun, energetic, uplifting and non-intimidating. I want all my clients to leave with a huge smile on their faces and know how awesome they are to have made time for their fitness. 


How many hours do you train clients for each week? 

Depending on the week, it can range between 6-10 hours each week.  


How many hours do you spend working on your business? 

I spend about 13 hours each week on admin, marketing, social media, creating content and doing courses. To be honest, though, I feel like I’m working on it every second of the day! Even if I’m not doing something directly related to it, I’m always thinking about what challenge I can run next, what cool move I can add into that week’s choreography, or how I can best serve my community. 


What hours do you work? 

I start most days with a live-steamed group fitness class at around 6:15am. After this I do some class prep until about 8:30am. From then until 4:30pm I work in my full-time job, then afterwards from 5pm I train PT clients, teach classes or do admin. 


Keeping the connection with virtual classes during lockdown


How much do you charge? 

At the moment, I’m conducting all my classes, PT sessions, challenges and master classes online. For unlimited group fitness classes for a whole month (7 classes per week) I charge $30 per month. Small Group Online Pilates classes cost $10 per session, or $75 for 8 weeks of classes. PT sessions vary depending on the duration of the session. 


What do you do in terms of your ongoing education? 

I’m a big believer that in order to best serve my clients, I need to keep evolving and learning. I do a few different courses every year. This year I’ve done a GFI ‘eXercise to eXperience’ course, trained to teach small group Pilates and completed multi-week Small Business Mentoring Programs through Small Business Women Australia. I also attend Les Mills quarterly workshops, participate in as many webinars as possible and listen to countless fitness podcasts (including, of course, The Fitness Industry Podcast!) 


How long, on average, do your clients stay with you? 

My clients are very loyal and most of those who started out with me when I launched Limitless in early March have stayed with me. I believe this is due, in part, to our strong, supportive and uplifting community. 

Fun and effective workouts lead to loyal clients and participants


How do you get new clients? 

I have a background in marketing, so this is something that’s close to my heart. Some of the best marketing that I do is the referrals from clients! There’s something really special about getting a recommendation from someone you trust. I’m also quite active on social media which draws people in to see what goes on at Limitless Fitness. It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Receiving the Western Sydney Women ‘Start Up of the Year’ Award in 2020 has helped get Limitless Fitness & Nutrition’s name out there! 


Do you vet clients before you agree to train them? 

Always. New group fitness participants must fill out a Pre-Exercise screening form and provide details of their exercise history and any past injuries. For PT clients I also go through more extensive questions and often do a one-on-one Zoom call with them to nut out where they currently are in their fitness journey, what they want to achieve and how I can best help them do that. 


What differentiates you from other trainers? 

From what people tell me, it’s my energy and passion for what I’m doing! I feel so alive when I’m teaching a group fitness class, I can’t wipe the smile off my face! I bring the energy and fun and I always let every single participant and client know how awesome I think they are for being in my class or session. 

Delivering a nutrition workshop


What is the best thing about being a PT? 

Being able to help people find a passion for fitness and use it to make their lives better! I also love being the reason someone smiles, or even being the highlight of their day. As fitness professionals we have so much power to inspire people, to motivate them and to give them a reason to feel good. It’s not something you can say in a lot of jobs! 


And the hardest? 

Trying to find a work/life balance. Often, as a trainer, you start early and finish late as you need to be around when your clients are available. Luckily, I enjoy the challenge of maintaining the balancing act! 


What’s the biggest misconception about working in fitness? 

That it’s all about aesthetics and how you look as a trainer. Far from it! People come to you because of how you make them feel and how much awesome energy you bring to them and their life! Remember, they’re there for you and who you are. 


Achieving state-level recognition for her work


Where would you like your career to take you? 

The possibilities are endless! Over the next few years, I want to open my own group fitness studio that incorporates a hybrid of both in-person and virtual classes. I love teaching live-streamed classes, but face-to-face teaching is very special to me too. I’d also like to consult to other businesses about their marketing and member communications. 


What is your fitness philosophy? 

‘Do what you love’. If you love group fitness classes, do them! If you love lifting heavy weights, do that! If you love riding your bike in the great outdoors, do that! My own experience has taught me that in order to be successful at anything in life, particularly your fitness goals, you must enjoy doing it, because that’s what makes you stick with it. 


What advice would you give to someone starting out as a PT? 

Always remember, people come to you because they love what you offer, your personality and your style of training. Always be authentic and true to your unique characteristics. If you do that, you’ll be truly successful! 




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