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A group fitness concept focusing on both body and mind fuses together the best elements of yoga, Pilates and functional movement and draws inspiration from around the globe.

CorePlus is a ‘fusion fitness’ brand that combines the best elements of several new and established practices to create challenging, invigorating and innovative classes.

The rapidly expanding fitness group was created by experienced health and fitness leader Amy King who has gained a wealth of knowledge from practicing multiple styles of yoga, Pilates and anatomy training around the world.

Determined to create a training practice that encourages people to find the best version of themselves through a holistic approach to fitness – and one that wasn’t based on the latest trend – CorePlus combines physical movement and mindfulness to build stronger and more resilient bodies and minds.

Neither gym nor yoga studio, CorePlus classes use traditional principles, but with high-intensity group elements and reformer workouts adding a mix of interval training and resistance weight work to strengthen the core and work the whole body. Many of its mat-based classes are also conducted in 30-32°c heat. Classes range from Hot Pilates and Kettlebell Yoga, to Guns Buns + Tums, Barre Fusion and the signature Athletic Reformer Pilates.

So, does it get results? Apparently so. Pairing training techniques with yoga and Pilates moves, CorePlus targets strength, fitness and flexibility. The temperature-controlled studio space is designed to warm up the muscles to facilitate deeper and safer stretching, and elevate the heart rate, which adds a cardiovascular element to classes and opens up the skin’s pores.

CorePlus has studios across Australia and in 2019 expanded into the US and Canadian markets.

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