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An app built by tech-minded fitness professionals for fitness professionals connects PT’s with flexible gym rental by the hour.


In the ever-changing pandemic environment, there is a greater than ever need for our industry to be open to change and explore flexible new ways of operating. Fitness professionals and gyms alike have opportunities to tap into the booming ‘gig economy’.

Within the fitness industry, the question of how to offset or better manage expensive overheads is on everyone’s mind. For gyms, this involves finding ways to increase revenue and manage cashflow while facing the challenges of managing sudden shutdowns and maintaining a pool of quality trainers. For PTs, it’s about affordability, profitability, and flexibility – the largest overhead being gym-rental agreements under the traditional fitness model.

Responding to these challenges, a Sydney-based team of fitness professionals (and self-confessed tech-heads) has created an app called GYYMI. Among many other features is its key offering of gym-rental by the hour.

In an industry first, trainers with the app can search the map for participating gyms nearby and instantly book a timeslot in a venue of their choice in which to train their clients. There are no lock-in contracts, and a diverse range of gyms offering space at an average rate of between $10-$20 per hour. The nature of the model means that for the PT, they are never paying rent for space they aren’t using. Accessing a large network of gyms also provides PTs with the potential to grow their client base in different locations.

This low-risk ‘pay as you go’ model could also enable the thousands of qualified PTs that have dropped out of the industry to step back in and manage even a small number of client sessions a week as a side hustle.

On the other side of the equation, gyms benefit from the ability to create time blocks each day that PTs can rent, often at times when the gym is quiet or under-utilised. By doing so, they can not only create an entirely new revenue stream, but also expose their facilities to a potential new client base that may otherwise not have come through their doors. Another advantage to gym operators is the opportunity to meet qualified trainers, watch them in action and grow their own trainer networks.

The app also has a range of other features, from automated invoicing, daily calendars and reminders for client management, to live dashboards for monitoring income and client growth, and contactless payments. In essence, GYYMI functions as a cross between Air BnB for gyms and Uber for PTs looking for space.

Discussing the motivation for creating the app, co-founder of GYYMI, Kim Henshaw, said; ‘Using the gig-economy ethos we have created an app to connect qualified trainers with gyms offering pay by the hour gym rental. We saw this as a long overdue gap in the market. We wanted to reduce overheads for personal trainers, with a flexible and affordable pay as you go model; and for gyms to be able to earn income during their quiet blocks across the day, effectively creating a stronger-together community. It’s that simple!’





For more information on GYYMI and how to get involved with the app, go to or check out @gyymi on Instagram or Facebook.




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