‘There’s more than one way to skin a cat’ the old saying goes. Why you’d want to know even one way eludes me, but the point is, there’s more than one way to get something done.

Recounting a key lesson learnt from a lifetime working in the fitness industry, in the Autumn 2018 Network magazine, highly respected Australian fitness entrepreneur Marietta Mehanni cites the critical need to stay relevant in a sector that doesn’t stand still. If we don’t evolve along with our industry, she says, we risk becoming obsolete. Importantly, though, rather than advocating jumping on every bandwagon that comes along for the sake of it, Marietta highlights the importance of adopting new skillsets and methods that stay true to your core beliefs. That is, you can still skin the cat, but you can do it in a new way.

You’ve probably encountered a fellow fitness professional that practices one specific methodology to the exclusion of all others with an almost religious fervour, sneering at those that employ ‘lesser’ approaches to achieving the same outcomes.

Your belief shouldn’t be that kettlebell training, or HIIT, for example, is the only way to train – your belief should be in practising the best training techniques, whatever those may be for that individual or group, to help them sustainably achieve their goals.

As Leisl Klaebe’s article in the same issue of Network magazine illustrates, this theory also applies to the way in which we manage staff from different generations: ‘We will always believe in delivering the best group training experience to our members and participants – but the way we manage instructors to achieve this will change’ she writes.

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