Biggest Loser – A hit show or offensive?

Based on the popularity of our previous Blog Post called "The Biggest Loser, friend or foe of fitness", when we came across Justin Tamsett's recent post we thought it pertinent to re-post here. You can visit Justin's very informative blog at

As filming has begun on the next series of Biggest Loser in Australia, I was thinking does this reality show help or hinder the over weight problem in Australia.

The journal Obesity Management explored the attitudes of people toward the Biggest Loser here in Australia. The group they surveyed were overweight: 42% classified as obese and 58% as morbidly obese. Here are the results:  Read More

You Don’t Have To Be Thin To Be Irresistible

This blog post was written by featured Network presenter and friend, Justin Tamsett.

In recent weeks there has been ‘interesting’ media comments in regard to the global exposure of semi-nude model Lizzie Miller in Glamour magazine, who dared to have a roll of tummy fat.  Read More

An industry response to the article: The Myth About Exercise in Time Magazine

On a recent trip to America, I was browsing a newsagent at the Seattle airport and came across TIME magazine with the following title on the cover: "The Myth About Exercise. Of course it's good for you, but it won't make you lose weight. Why it's what you eat that really counts." And to top it off, there was a massive picture of a woman on a treadmill eyeing a cupcake! Of course, I had to immediately buy the magazine and read the article Read More

Network's interview with acclaimed nutritionist Matt O'Neill.

Matt O'Neill is an Australian Fitness Industry presenter and educator, with years of experience both as a trainer and is his current role as the director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management in Sydney. He took some time aside to share his thoughts about the fitness industry and his experiences with us.. Read on and enjoy!

Network: You've been in the fitness industry for quite a while now. What things have you done throughout your career and what are you doing these days?
Matt: As a trainer many years ago, I worked in public, resort and corporate fitness centres. This hands-on work has helped me to understand how nutrition and weight management works in fitness facilities and the challenges it raises. So, most of my work now involves training workshops and courses for fitness professionals from my SmartShape Centre for Weight Management. I now do more online training. I also speak to the masses on Chanel 7’s Sunrise and Morning Show’s almost every week. The TV work is fun and ensures you give memorable advice.  Read More

New Research on Sugar Addiction

The following post is authored by Networks head online trainer Alisha Smith: We’ve all suffered from the 3pm energy slump and all too often find ourselves feeling unable to resist the temptation of a chocolate bar (or two) to make it through the rest of the day. However, while we often put down our sweet indiscretions to a lack of willpower, recently released research demonstrates the truth behind the highly addictive power of that little white crystal we all crave- sugar.  Read More