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If your fitness business isn’t booming, it could be time to click refresh on your sales and marketing techniques.

A successful fitness business relies on effective and efficient sales and marketing techniques – so how savvy are yours?

If you’re still applying traditional approaches such as marketing, price-slashing, cost-cutting, membership deals and formulated sales systems, but you find yourself scratching your head and wondering why you aren’t hitting your targets or sustaining the income you desire, then you’re not alone.

Using the latest social media tools may be what everyone advises in order to get your word out to your target market, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll turn that reach into sales and profits. All the technology and gadgets in the world can only achieve so much if you’re using them to peddle outdated and ineffective strategies.

In recent times the world has moved from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ approach, so in order to remain competitive, your sales and marketing processes need to adapt. This new approach focuses on ‘authority marketing’ and ‘inspirational selling’, and it’s set to revolutionise the performance of the businesses that are quick to jump on board.

Sales and Marketing 2020’ is an innovative, proven program developed by two of the fitness industry’s leading sales and marketing specialists. Designed specifically to future-proof your business, the program provides the skills and techniques to overcome your biggest obstacles, and leave your competition wondering where you went. No matter how big or small your operation, and irrespective of how established or new your business is, the program promises to identify and provide solutions to the challenges that most commonly prevent fitness businesses from achieving, and sustaining, success.

‘Sales and Marketing 2020’ will help you overcome the following typical business challenges:

  • Low or no leads
  • Poor or no business positioning
  • Beaten by competition
  • Low conversions
  • Price cutting or dropping
  • Low or no sales
  • Low yield or no profit
  • Increasing worry, stress and frustration
  • No help (i.e. left to do it on your own)
  • Poor staff performance and moral
  • Challenges recruiting and retaining good staff.

Who’s behind Sales and Marketing 2020?

Two of the fitness industry’s most respected innovators, Steve Jensen and Steve Brossman, have teamed up to create the program, which has been designed to help health and fitness businesses to dominate the next decade, irrespective of whichever tech fad, app or social media platform is trending at the time.

Steve Jensen (aka ‘Dr J’) is the founder and CEO of Impact Training Corporation, specialising in teaching people cutting-edge sales, communications, leadership and public speaking skills. Steve has been involved in the fitness industry and corporate businesses for over three decades and is regarded as a world leader in sales and communication training, mentoring and implementation strategies. He is also the founder of the National Sales Academy and My Mentor Coach, which has helped boost the profits of thousands of people, fitness businesses and corporates in Australia and around the world.

Over the years, Steve has received many prestigious awards, including Best Presenter in Sales, Sales Management and Communication, and Presenter of the Year, and has also been inducted into the Fitness Industry Roll of Honour.

Distilling his decades’ of experience, Steve has created Inspirational Selling, a program not based on trying to sell, but which uses cutting-edge techniques that inspire people to take action and actually enjoy the whole sales process.

And then there’s Steve Brossman, who, after opening his health club in 1983, went on to develop a range of innovative programs that he’s successfully implemented across the globe. His Shed’n’Shape program was licensed in two countries and his Gym Jam kids’ club program was licensed into five countries and turned into a Channel 9 show.

Steve has presented to over 20,000 health and fitness professionals in 15 countries, is a former recipient of the Australian Fitness Leader of the Year award, and was the first non-American to be named the IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the Year. He is also the best-selling author of Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside. He has built multi-national seven-figure businesses and now consults and coaches clients on how to become market leaders using his proven Authority Marketing strategies.

Sales and Marketing 2020 is your opportunity to learn from these two leading industry voices, and to take home an efficient and effective method of selling fitness that will future-proof your fitness business.



To discover how the Sales and Marketing 2020 program can transform your fitness business and secure its future success, call 02 9994 8033 or visit

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