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Discover a new and unique approach to integrated movement with the Fitness Australia-approved Elite Functional Trainer certification. Developed by one of the global fitness industry’s leading experts in functional training, Chuck Wolf, this course teaches you how to use functional anatomy, movement analysis and advanced program design to enhance your clients’ performance.

Chuck Wolf, has a Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology and specialises in Applied Biomechanics. He consults with clients ranging from rehabilitation to professional athletes of the highest level. He has emerged as a leader of functional anatomy and biomechanics within the fitness and sports performance industries and works extensively addressing musculoskeletal issues and developing corrective exercise programs. Chuck has presented nationally and internationally in the areas of human motion, sports science, and human performance.

Functional Trainer
Functional Trainer

Functional Trainer Course Details

Chuck Wolf
  • Developed by one of the most sought-after fitness educators, Chuck Wolf
  • Expert content designed for the advanced fitness professional
  • Delivered online, courses can be completed from the convenience of home!

Australian Fitness Network’s Elite Functional Trainer certification consists of five individual but interconnected courses. Complete one, or complete all five to become an Elite Functional Trainer.

Insights into Functional Training

This course explores:

  • The definition of function and factors that affect it - desired goals, required action, limitations, compensations and idiosyncrasies
  • Blending traditional exercise with functional movement patterns
  • How functional anatomy differs from anatomical anatomy
  • Criteria in human motion
  • The fascial system and anatomy trains
  • True ‘functional’ training- eccentric contractions
  • Anatomy and division of the foot
  • Functional action of the foot
  • The 4 “Big Rocks” of movement
  • Functional anatomy of the lower extremities, hip and abdominal complex.
Super Flexibility Highways

This course explores:

  • The fascial system and how it functions to create efficient and economical reactions within the body
  • Key relationships that exist within the body to promote integrated flexibility and enhanced performance
  • The 6 integrated chain relationships that is dependent upon the partnership of adjacent muscle groups to obtain optimal function and performance
  • Flexibility highways in motion matches movement pattern progressions that enhance the proprioceptors of the soft tissue to maintain strength within each of the 6 flexibility highways
  • Tensegrity in vivo
  • Universal connections that are system wide within the fascial matrix
  • Specific movement patterns to target each of the flexibility highways
Functional Assessment

This course explores:

  • Common limitations
  • Big movement rocks of the foot
  • Tri-Plane loading the cannon
  • Characteristics and symptoms of foot structures
  • Balance and Excursion tests
  • Spinal segment range of movement in 3 planes
  • Assessing the cervical spine.
Considerations for Functional Program Design

This course explores:

  • Common limitations
  • Mobility in the 4 big movement rocks
  • Tri-plane chain reaction
  • Functional action of the foot
  • Blending traditional exercise with functional movement
  • Variables to program design
  • The movement spectrum
  • Complimentary integrated progressions
  • Assessing rehabilitation althletes physical and biomechanical readiness to return to sport
  • Movement preparation, drills and agility patterns
Functional Solutions for Special Populations

This course explores:

  • Mobility and stability of joints in 3 planes of motion
  • Unravelling the complexities of what goes on in the body
  • The movement spectrum
  • The 4 most common back issues
  • Variables to assessment and program design
  • 360 degree movement assessment
  • Matching exercise to a designated stretches
  • Back reconditioning programming
  • Piriformis and iliotibial band issues


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Considerations for Functional Program Design $89 $119 Enrol now!
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