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Networks Fitness Australia approved Pilates certification will provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a sought after Pilates instructor in the fitness industry. Our goal is to deliver the best functional Pilates instructor courses for the fitness industry and to provide you with the knowledge to adapt Pilates based movements to all ages and abilities.

Our course is delivered 100% by correspondence - so you can study from home! Our exceptional team of Pilates instructors and course presenters are all extensively trained and hold academic degrees such as exercise science, dance, physiotherapy and education. Network has chosen leading international instructor trainers to head up the Pilates teacher training, which means you'll be taught by presenters who understand how it all fits in with personal training, general fitness and group exercise.

PIlates Instructor
Pilates Instructor


  • Enhance your Personal Training or Group Ex career as a professional Pilates instructor
  • Learn from the best to ensure your Pilates teaching skills are world class
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  • Combine online learning with expert DVD tuition

Australian Fitness Network’s international reputation for producing the finest quality Pilates instructors ensures that our graduates are highly regarded within the industry and can employ their skills worldwide. Once you graduate you leave with the confidence of knowing you can teach clients in a safe and effective manner, and with the comfort of knowing we will always be a an ongoing resource for you.

Pilates Instructor
Fundamental Pilates

This course explores:

  • The science supporting the principals of Pilates
  • Understanding local and global muscles
  • Functional anatomy of the lumbar pelvic hip region, scapula and shoulder girdle
  • The 21 modified fundamental Pilates exercises
  • Class planning, including intro and screening
  • Pilates Fundamental Exercises: core stability and mobility
  • Progression and Regression of moves

10 CECs/ CPDs

Intermediate Matwork Pilates

This course explores:

  • The benefits of regular Pilates practice
  • Application of the Pilates principles
  • Classification of the exercises according to their strength/stability/mobility focus
  • Designing a safe and effective class that correctly acknowledges exercise selection, sequencing and repetitions
  • Demonstrating and correctly describing lateral thoracic breathing
  • Instructing using a variety of imagery, visual and technical commands

4 CECs/ CPDs

Pilates for Fitness and Pregnancy

This course explores:

  • Revision of the Pilates principles
  • Application of the Pilates principles to the pregnant exerciser
  • Prescription of Pilates based exercises for the fit and well pregnant woman
  • Changes that occur during the childbearing year
  • Application of this knowledge to safely program pilates for the pregnant client or provide modifications to suit your pregnant class participant
  • Prescription of Pilates based exercises for the postnatal woman

5 CECs/ CPDs

Pilates on the Ball

This course explores:

  • The principles of fitball training
  • Review and practice a range of new exercises, on the ball, that combine the principles of both Pilates and fitball
  • Variations, modifications and progressions, on the ball, to the fundamental and intermediate exercises
  • Personal performance and physical execution of the ball exercises
  • Analysing ball exercise for safety and effectiveness and selecting or modifying to suit individual needs
  • Class planning and development using the ball in part or all of the programming.

2 CECs/ CPDs

Pilates for Fitness Trainers

This course explores:

  • Static and dynamic posture
  • Postural assessment and analysis including static postural assessment, static mobility screens, dynamic movement screens and trunk stability screens
  • Common postural distortion patterns and the muscles most likely contributing to the postural distortion i.e Lordosis, Kyphosis
  • Strengthening and lengthening of muscles for each postural type
  • Programme design as a result of static and dynamic postural screens


Remedial Pilates

This course explores:

  • Revision of the Pilates principles
  • Application of the Pilates principles in a rehabilitation environment
  • Examining screening protocols
  • Information on common musculoskeletal complaints
  • Prescription of Pilates based exercises for common musculoskeletal complaints
  • Static postural analysis
  • Functional movement patterns
  • Common dysfunctional movement patterns

9 CECs


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