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by Kerri Parkinson

It’s time to get into ABBA. Before you break into your finest rendition of Dancing Queen, let me clarify that I’m talking about Arms, Butts, Backs, and Abs.

Our clients represent the entire spectrum of our community from young people to senior citizens, from the fighting fit to the post rehab. As fitness professionals we need to meet their varying needs as much as we possibly can within one class. Aquatic classes can do this by combining cardio and strength components, stretching energy reserves further than most clients could achieve in a land aerobics class.

The ABBA workout includes basic aquatic moves enhanced with extreme strength components, and uses the water’s properties to effectively target strength for the upper body (arms), gluteal muscle balance (butt), thoracic strength and stretch (back), and rectus and transverse abdominis (abs). Each section gives you a component to effectively target these muscle groups and to develop postural balance and strength. The moves can also be added to your existing classes, which is music to every instructor’s ears!

Kerri Parkinson
A highly regarded and motivational aqua presenter, Kerri presents internationally on all aspects of aqua fitness and is a key program developer for Australian Fitness Network’s aqua course.


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