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Melissa Cameron and Stacey Dolliver show you how double the equipment can mean double the fun when it comes to deep water class plans.


If you find it challenging to come up with creative deep water class plans that get participants moving in the deep, it’s time to explore the idea of increasing the range of equipment you use.

By designing routines that can be effectively adapted using assorted pieces of equipment, you can increase variety in your classes.

The following sequence presents motivating choreography that demonstrates how similar movements can be performed in a deep water class using different pieces of equipment, for example; belts to dumbbells (belts to noodles also works well, as the sequence in the first part of this article illustrates).

The following sequence was choreographed to the track I like the way you move by Body Rockers.

Musical Element Move Belts Dumbbells
Introduction & Verse Tuck jump (photo 1), stretch both legs out to one side (photo 2), 2 x cross country skis to the side (photos 3 & 4), flutter kick back to vertical (photos 5 & 6).  Repeat to other side. Use arms in the most comfortable way to get the legs out to the side for the tuck jump, and for the side cross country skis and then strong sculling arms to return the feet to vertical. Hold the dumbbells out to the sides and keep them there.
Pre-chorus 3 x cross country ski (photos 7, 8 & 9) + 1 x tuck jump (photo 10). Straight arms, opposite to legs with ski, arms around knees for the tuck. Dumbbells opposite arm to leg with ski and bring them together at the front on the tuck.
Chorus Powerful jogging: 2 x 8 forward, 2 x 8 backward and repeat. Jogging arms moving forward, sculling arms backward. Jogging arms moving forward, sculling arms backward.


As with all new choreography and routines, it is recommended that you jump into the pool and practice the moves prior to instructing them from the poolside in order to truly appreciate the best way of incorporating them into your class.

Melissa Cameron
Melissa represents youthful energy and innovation in her diverse roles in the aquatic fitness industry.  As business manager and lecturer for Water Exercise Training Service (WETS), Melissa demonstrates commitment to forging strong pathways for aquatic fitness in all facets of the industry. Melissa has significantly contributed to the development of the WETS Aqua Instructor, Aquatic PT and Aqua Wellness training programs.

Stacey Dolliver, BA
A popular and well regarded fitness professional and presenter, Stacey taps into her blend of energy and enthusiasm to promote wellness for people at every age and stage of life. As manager of the fitness centre at the Royal Hobart Hospital and co-owner of Freedom Health & Wellness, Stacey connects with people of all ages, cultures and demographics.


Mellissa and Stacey will be making a splash at FILEX 2013 where they will be presenting:

  • Drills and skills to reinvigorate! ● A4S (Melissa Cameron with Claire Sawatzky)
  • Strength and power H2O ● B2W (Stacey Dolliver with Tamara Vella)

For more information on Melissa and Stacey’s sessions check out page 51 of the FILEX brochure or visit where you can also register for the convention.

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