Don’t just tell them, show them:
the power of video testimonials

With prospective members and clients placing more faith in video testimonials than written ones, it’s time to press ‘record’.

While written testimonials have worked well as a marketing tool in the past, people no longer trust them. By stepping up to video testimonials you are able to bring a new level of authenticity to your business, which in turn brings new opportunities and additional sales.

Video testimonials are a powerful affirmation of your business. When a potential customer watches a video of someone ‘just like them’, who is endorsing your business, they are far more likely to purchase from you, rather than from your competition.

You might think that a testimonial is simply one of your customers saying how fantastic your fitness business is. However, you can be far more strategic than this. The most effective approach is to tackle your potential customer’s barriers of sale, i.e. the objections that, if not overcome, will prevent them from signing up to be a member or client. The three most common barriers of sale are:

1. Price: ‘It’s too expensive’

2. Time: ‘It’s going to take too long’

3. Trust: ‘Does it work and live up to its claims?’

Your potential customer usually has some or all of these reasons why not to buy from you. Once these issues have been resolved, and there aren’t any further objections, your customer is clear to proceed with their purchase.

Video testimonials are perfect for dissolving these barriers of sale. Imagine that you can share a video featuring a customer who initially had doubts but, with the benefit of hindsight, is now positively reviewing your business. This is incredibly valuable.

To get the best outcomes from your video testimonials you need to match a barrier of sale to a customer and focus their testimonial around that one objection. Keep it simple; start with one person or couple for one testimonial that addresses one barrier of sale. Testimonial videos are typically 30 to 60 seconds in length, but can be a little longer. Once you have built a library of video testimonials you could consider editing together snippets of multiple testimonials themed to address a single barrier of sale.

When it comes to creating video testimonials, it can be effective to flag the idea with a new member or client as they embark upon their program or membership. After they have reached their goals and you actually ask for the testimonial, they will be more inclined to say yes as they have had the testimonial in the back of their minds from the start.

Let’s explore each barrier and see how you can tailor a video testimonial to each objection.


The first objection is price. The initial step is to find a client or member who was concerned about costs, but who has changed their mind now that they are benefiting from your training facilities or program.

The essence of this testimonial would be around value for money and a short version would sound like this:

“When I first heard how much it would cost for the gym membership I was initially very reluctant to commit. However, now that I have experienced first-hand the quality of the facilities and training I can honestly say that the health benefits far surpass the price – it is great value for money and I highly recommend that you sign up!”

A price-sensitive prospect who watches this testimonial will think; “Oh, OK, maybe it’s not so expensive after all”.


The second objection is time: “Getting fit always takes so long, I know I’ll never be able to stick it out”. It is very powerful to create a testimonial with a client that initially had this exact same thought but has since seen and felt improvements in their fitness and wellbeing. Through the video testimonial the prospect will be able to see how quickly you actually delivered on your fitness promises – giving them a completely different perspective on the time-to-results ratio.


The third barrier is trust: “Can I be sure that I’m going to get the results?” Again, find a customer who had these initial thoughts and focus the testimonial on genuine results and non-hype claims in order to counter this objection.

Keep in mind that you can’t tell your customers exactly what to say. It is very important to maintain authenticity otherwise the video will come across as fake and do more harm than good. By being strategic with this simple approach, you will achieve a far better ROI than simply asking customers to ‘say a few words about your business’.

When used correctly, video testimonials have a positive impact on attracting customers and generating sales. They are still a relatively untapped strategy and without doubt have significant potential to grow your business, no matter how big or small.

Marcus Seeger is the Amazon best-selling author of Video Marketing for Profit; 14 Proven Strategies for Accelerated Business Growth. He is managing director of video marketing and production agency, Video Experts.