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Interesting news if you train clients with chronic disease, specifically multiple sclerosis (MS).

A review in the Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management has highlighted an increase in evidence supporting the practice of exercise in MS patients. The review suggests that this group can tolerate exercise to a high enough degree to enable improvements in fitness, function and quality of life.

This is an important finding, because over 90 per cent of MS sufferers report mobility difficulties.

Lead author Susan Kasser, PhD, the Exercise and Movement Science Program Director and an Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Movement Science at the University of Vermont, said that targeted balance-oriented exercise for this population has the potential to improve balance and functional mobility – although she stressed the need for further study on the topic.

‘Given the inherent variability of MS and the heterogeneity of symptoms and disease course across individuals, no single exercise prescription is optimal for all those diagnosed. Treatment goals must be individualised’ said Kasser.

Source: Medical News Today

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