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Do you feel like you’re already a bit of a psychologist with your clients? Australia’s Leading Weight Management Psychologist and creator of Network’s ‘Set up for Success!’ CEC course, Glenn Mackintosh has started a great new YouTube Channel answering people’s questions on the psychology of physical activity, eating, weight, and body-image every two weeks called ‘Thursday Therapy’.

Fitness professionals have been responding very positively, saying that not only do the videos help them learn more about working with their clients, they also help explain and reinforce the psychological aspects of exercise, nutrition, and fat loss to their clients.

Andrew Keogh, owner of Fortitude Fitness said ‘Glenn Mackintosh is an amazing psychologist who knows how to pin point the underlying issues in weight management.  His understanding is second to none and Thursday Therapy is easy to relate to. The videos are beneficial for everyone at the gym – clients and the trainers supporting them alike!’

If you have a Gmail/YouTube account click here to check it out – if you don’t, click here.

In a recent instalment of Thursday Therapy, Glenn talks about the psychology of learning to love exercise. , shares a simple ‘secret’ to his personal trainer’s retention rates of over 90%, and introduces his new online course through Australian Fitness Network, ‘Foundations for Success – Goal Setting for Weight Management.’

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