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Combining the industry trends of group training and functional fitness, F45 delivers premium team training in a boutique studio environment.

F45 Training is a team-based, functional training facility that places a huge emphasis on the ‘three key factors’ of motivation, innovation and results.

At F45 (the F stands for functional), no program is ever repeated, making every workout a unique experience. The creators of F45 describe each studio as an ‘ecosystem that develops incredible physiques and strong camaraderie’, thanks in part to initiatives like the live DJ sets on Saturdays.

The system must be working, because F45 is the fastest growing network of fitness studios in Australia, with 40 studios currently open all over the country (due to be 65 by the end of this year), and another 40 licenses sold. Its ambitions aren’t restricted to these shores though, with studios already open in New Zealand and plans underway to launch in India, Asia, the US and the UK.

With group training and functional workouts available at almost every facility these days, what makes F45 different? Its creators identified an opportunity to deliver premium team training services in a boutique studio environment. The workouts feature no power lifting or technical lifting, and the facilities are highly systemised, feature integrated technology in the form of video workout demonstrations and strive to be female-friendly – some of the reasons the membership of the facilities is 70% females and 30% males.

F45 offers 10 customised training systems, 10 unique circuit movement patterns, 15 different timing modules, over 1,000 exercises, and workouts that change every day. The aim is that clients remain motivated and challenged, and hence achieve great results. The workout training systems are individually branded and patented, each having unique identities. Licensees of F45 studios receive all of these training systems, timing modules, video workouts and F45-branded DJ playlists.

While some group training models shy away from the term, the creators of F45 proudly declare it to be a cult that has to be experienced to be believed. Along with the growing band of devotees, celebrities including Ricky Martin, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie have also taken them up on their offer.





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